The Special Entrustment to St Michael the Archangel

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16 cm x  11,5 cm, 125 g, number of pages: 160

The beginning of the 21st century is a time of particular devotion to angels. New forms of devotion are emerging: multitudes of the faithful are receiving the Scapular of St Michael the Archangel and they keep the stones from the Miraculous Grotto of Gargano in their homes. For some time I have been thinking of writing a new devotion that would deepen the spiritual relationship with the Heavenly Prince and would be a response to the increasing attacks of the evil spirits in the world. Following the example of other devotions of entrustment, I decided to write The Special Entrustment to St Michael the Archangel. The book has a mystagogical character, and it aims to deepen and guide a private devotion and relationship with the angels particularly with St Michael the Archangel. It should be said for nine days. The prayers given for each day are intended as an introduction into the spiritual world, where angels and saints are already enjoying being close to God. Then there is a passage from the Bible and a reflection on St Michael the Archangel with a short prayer for his intercession. However, spiritual life is not just an abstraction, therefore, there are specific tasks to be carried out conscientiously and in a spirit of faith. The requests placed at the end of each section connect us with the intentions of the whole Church. The final aspiration prayer announces the moment when the celebrant entrusts himself and his life to St Michael the Archangel.